Simply signup for BlaccBox 

What do You send? 

 We send you clothes based on the styles of clothing you picked....Each item has been tested and packed by a stylist .

What brands do you guys send ?

We send only the best, Ralph Lauren,Tommy Hilfiger,Calvin Klein ,Michael Kors ,Levis,and much more! 


How long does it take to receive my box?

All boxes ship on the 5th -8th of the month and take 5-10 days to receive 

Can I sign up after the 5th and still receive a box for that month ?

Of course as long as that box is purchased before the last day of that month

Can I return a box ? 

As of now we are not allowing returns 

Can I cancel at anytime ?

Why would you cancel from such a beautiful box of awesomeness? But yes ,you can cancel anytime