Shoes are definitely an attention grabber in the fashion world. Footwear brings an outfit together and can leave a lasting impression on other people about yourself. Your shoes should reflect the type of outfit you are wearing. If you are wearing a casual outfit you should wear a casual sneaker like an all star Converse or Nike air max shoe

Likewise a suit and tie looks better with dress shoes. Dress shoes with laces or the kind that come in the loafer variety have become more stylish then ever. You can also buy different color shoe laces to replace the ones that come standard with ordinary dress shoes in order to add your own flare to your footwear. A rule of thumb for dress shoes is to make sure they match the color and finish of your belt.

Shoes are very much a staple of any mans closet. Maintaining great looking shoes helps increase the longevity of your shoes and keeps them looking fresh every time you wear them. For casual shoes, a simple tooth brush with soap and water can go a long way. For leather dress shoes, make sure to shine them every once in a while. Also placing shoe trees in leather shoes keeps the leather from wrinkling. Suede dress shoes can be kept nice and clean with Suede shoe protectant. This can be found at your local Walmart or shoe store.