Although most people are still experiencing the cold of winter, spring is right around the corner. Pastel colors are definitely going to be in this season. Button up shirts in bright colors are going to be a staple when its time to have fun in the sun. Here are are some other essentials that you may need to complete your beach party look.

1. Shorts (Duh)

Khaki or navy blue shorts are the most common when pairing with pastel colors but don't limit yourself. Use those dressing rooms and try on different color combinations that fit your style.

2.Boat Shoes

No need to wear bulky sneakers when you hit the beach this spring break. A simple boat shoe that is easy to slip on is a great way to stay stylish in hot weather.

3. Shades

Nothing better to top off your spring look than a great pair on shades. Shades come in many different shapes, sizes and colors so its up to you to pick out a great pair to coordinate with your look. 

4. Sunscreen

Many people will agree that nothing ruins your spring hangout session than a nasty sunburn. Pick up some sunscreen at your local pharmacy or supermarket. SPF 15 is most recommended.