It's been a minute.

DId you miss us?

We know you did ;)


Ok, so anyway.. A Feminine Touch (the official Blaccbox blog) took  a little hiatus but we're back and we have news!!!


Due to the flood in memberships and our relatively small staff, Blaccbox has decided to go into beta.

If you're not sure what that means, it's basically us putting a halt on new subscriptions for the time being. We're focusing on providing the best quality service and customer care to our existing patrons and making the site more interactive and user friendly.



But don't fret! Very soon we'll be opening the site to new subscriptions. Until then feel free to comment below or contact us for information  on subscribing and even sooner we'll be setting up a waitlist in which all potential subscribers will be queued according to when they signed up.


Thanks so much for your patience and continued support,

Sierra Evelyn, The Blaccbox Company