It's often expected for the "gentler sex" to be most dominant in terms of fashion trends and it's no secret that the silhouettes of men's clothing rarely changes, but what a wonderful thing it is to see the two sides sort of mesh and become one. The blurred line between women's and men's wear has become increasingly fuzzy, and it's awesome.

What was once considered unprofessional and perhaps "feminine" in terms of men's clothing for the ultra conservative American businessman has burst onto the runways and trickled down onto to the masses in the most delightful of ways. Sporting bright colors, contrasting patterns, and highly accessorized lapels has replaced the poorly fitted, mono toned, business suits of early 2000s. Thank goodness

Let's not forget the wonderful influence that menswear has had on women. Tailored jackets and skinny ties are absolutely divine whether paired with a lovely pencil skirt of a pair of nicely fitted leather pants. And don't even get me started on how fabulous girls look in wingtips. Long gone are the days of having to be delicate and maintain an ultra feminine facade.  It's no longer "unlady-like" to exude the confident swagger of a well dressed man and anyone who thinks it is, is probably still living in 1962. Women are playing with the "big boys" now.

Longstoryshort.... the sexes are intermingling and we, here at Blaccbox, absolutely love it. 


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