Scarves come in all sorts of colors, fabrics and lengths. They are a great way to add style to your winter wardrobe while also keeping yourself warm


Gloves are definitely a necessity in the cold winter months. They keep your hands good and warm on those harsh snow days. Some gloves are even touchscreen compatible so that you can use your mobile device without having to take the gloves off.

Over Coats

Unless you live in Florida or California, you are going to need a coat. Not a sweater, not a jacket, a coat! Coats are typically made with heavier materials and also provide insulation on the inside to keep you warm. But don't think you can't be stylish with a coat. Add a coat over a nice sweater or blazer to perfect your winter layered look.

Moisturizing Products

With winter comes cold weather and you know what that means...dry skin and chapped lips. Make sure to carry around travel sized containers of lotion and petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Most people use chapstick to moisturize their lips but the truth is that chapstick only provides temporary relief of of dried, chapped lips. Vaseline is a much better solution and will keep your lips looking healthy and soft.